Security Trap emails to secure email marketing activities. is your new home for monitoring and securing email marketing activities, with all the tools you need to centralize and monitor email marketing activities from a single place. Emails injected into your database are certified and monitored continuously and in real time, without human intervention on your part and no time limit. will monitor and secure your database in a logical protection against theft.

Legal action with support of certified evidence in case of theft or proven use of your database.

  • Use our Security Trap emails to secure your databases.

  • 50, 250, 500 and more Security Trap emails managed in one and easy-to-manage stream.

  • Centralize all your Gmail, Hotmail, POP3 trap emails from a single place.

  • Be automaticaly informed about any breach of security usage.

Main Features

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Email marketing is becoming strategic.
Be sure of the integrity of your database.
Be automaticaly informed of any breach.
50, 80, 130 and more Security Trap emails managed in one easy-to-manage stream.
More than 100 domain names. Gmail, Hotmail and POP3 integration to create the Trap Emails that will be injected in your database. 


Today, while email marketing is becoming more strategic, organizations tend to lose sight that email databases are facing more leaks. This is both due to the democratization of piracy and the provision of software tools accessible in two clicks as well as to the greater availability of data which enables easier data copy :
  • Today email databases face more leaks.

  • The greater availability of data enables easier data copy.

  • Several business partners have access to your database.

  • Parts of your database can be copied. ( USB key)

With we provide our customers with real-time information about any breach of security and we also provide them all technical informations that will be used to prove it.


In case of any breach of security with our legal partners, under of Belgian and European law, we will help you to organize any legal actions to recover your rights.

REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL  on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation) 



     Fr :

The 2010 Verizon Business Risk Team in the Data Breach Investigations Report has founded that users reported "internal" are responsible for 48% of data theft, an increase of 26% compared to 2009. More informations here :  Data Breach Investigations Report (2010).


And also, used by our clients to discover marketing insights to increase email marketing performance

datasafer is also used to monitor competition
It is difficult to get a user's inbox attention. Email marketers are dealing with more competition and smaller screens. will alos be used to setup email watch-lists based on their competition, user personas that they are trying to reach or any other email newsletters of interest. reports give marketers the data needed to create better-performing email campaigns.

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